Antibacterial PVC Flooring for Hospitals

Hospital Antibacterial PVC Flooring

Hospital floor coverings are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Hospital antibacterial PVC floor covering types are the most long-lasting floor coverings and are also easy to clean and maintain. As a result, antistatic bacterial PVC flooring is utilized in hospitals and corridors, critical care rooms, operating rooms, and other similar locations. 

Due to PVC flooring production processes, there is a PUR layer or lacquer impregnated with specific methods on the top surface of hospital antibacterial PVC flooring materials. The color of the floor coverings is determined according to the wall colors in the catalog.

The most suitable materials for human health should be chosen in places where public health is of the highest importance, such as hospitals. It’s critical that the flooring material utilized in hospitals with thousands of people passing through every day is antibacterial.

Where is Hospital Antibacterial PVC Floor Covering Used?

PVC flooring that is antibacterial is most often used in hospital rooms, operating theaters, and intensive care units. Furthermore, because shopping malls are busy, antibacterial flooring is popular.

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