Hygienic PVC Flooring in Hospitals

Hygienic PVC Flooring in Hospitals

PVC flooring is the most popular floor covering in hospitals, where hygiene is of paramount importance. Hygienic PVC flooring not only has the required antibacterial qualities, but also prevents germs and bacteria from spreading on the floors. Sandblasted, textured PVC floor coverings are made by combining asbestos fibers with fillers and colorants. Because of the low water absorption, oil absorbency, and thermal conductivity of PVC goods, as well as their great electrical and sound insulation, they are ideal for use in high-moisture areas. Asbestos in the material protects against abrasions and burns. Hospitals may use hygienic PVC flooring materials on all hospital floors, including intensive care units, x-ray rooms, operating rooms, laboratories, and patient rooms. PVC flooring has homogeneous antistatic and antibacterial features that ensure it is completely safe for use in healthcare settings.

Use of Hygienic PVC Flooring in Hospitals

There is a thin layer of impregnated pur layer or varnish on the top surface of hygienic PVC hospital floor coverings. The thickness of PVC floor coverings is 2 mm. In a hospital setting, various-colored floor coverings may be installed in accordance with the wall colors. To get more detailed information about hygienic PVC floor coverings for hospitals with strict health and hygiene requirements, call +90 216 650 83 34.


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