Epoxy Self-Leveling Floor Coating System


Self-Leveling floor coverings don’t require any outside help in distributing the product once they’ve been laid down. When used on the floor, it spreads evenly on its own. The surface of Self Leveling epoxy coatings is smooth. The color is called “gouache.” It may be applied as a glossy or matte varnish on request. Self-leveling Epoxy Floor Coating is a form of floor coating that makes concrete floor surfaces new or worn, pitted, damaged look bright, dense, and smooth. Floors may be made quickly and permanently with this chemical coating. 

It is unnoticeable, and the color you select from the large RAL color range can be custom-made to your taste. It’s utilized as an interior floor covering in showrooms, offices, homes, meeting places, textiles, food, pharmaceuticals, factories, hospitals, schools, and production facilities.

It is simple to clean, has a high mechanical strength, and is immune to the effects of chemical substances.


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