Wooden Parquet Flooring

Our gym systems are fully compliant with the norms and standards set by international organizations such as FIBA, DIN, MFMA, WFS, NWFA. Technically and aesthetically, wooden flooring is very important for gyms. Wooden systems provide more efficient and successful results for running, jumping and agile movements than other floor alternatives. It also contributes to less effort for the athlete.

Bilgili İnşaat has undertaken the ground design and construction of many sports complexes at home and abroad with different features in line with international standards depending on the nature of the sport to be performed. In addition to wooden parquet systems for basketball halls, volleyball halls, squash halls, handball halls, badminton halls, it also provides services for wooden parquet floor systems for dance and ballet halls.

Bilgili İnşaat is an expert in gym wooden flooring and applies the design, production and installation stages with expertise.

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