Sports Equipment

We manufacture sports equipment in its own standard forms for use in both indoor and outdoor fields. Furthermore, depending on the usage areas’ circumstances, various sizes and characteristics may be changed.

All equipment used in sports activities are designed professionally in order to have a healthy body structure. The basic badminton equipment you need while playing badminton is a special racket and a badminton ball. With a durable and functional basketball hoop, it’s possible to say “goodbye” to annoying basketball nets. The boxing ring, which is produced in different sizes and heights in accordance with boxing halls for training matches, gives positive results in terms of boxers. Football goals and equipment have different sizes and varieties in which quality production materials are used according to professional use and training programs. Handball goals, produced in 3 different types as metal, aluminum, and wood, have a height of 2 meters and a width of 3 meters.

Salon equipment, consisting of professional treadmills, fitness bikes, isotonic machines, free weight machines, weight stations, weight benches, free weights, and pilates products, are produced to meet the needs of athletes. Tennis equipment, consisting of tennis rackets, tennis balls, tennis shoes, and clothes, has different features for beginners and professionals. Tribune seats are specially designed for the comfort of the parties during professional competitions. Hall equipment, which is among the volleyball equipment, is produced according to international standards, and volleyball equipment is produced in a way that contributes to the physical capacities of the athletes. The production of the bench, which is used as the area where the backup players wait, is made of polycarbonate

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