Acrylic Flooring

Acrylic Flooring

It’s best to use it on asphalt. A primer is used in applications to concrete in order for the system to bind well to the surface. It is resistant to all weather conditions and sun radiation (UV).


Basic System (Standard)

It’s a cost-effective acrylic flooring solution for multi-purpose sports fields (tennis, basketball, volleyball), walking and cycling paths. Epoxy primer is applied if the underlayment is concrete. It’s finished with a line drawing that’s appropriate for the intended usage after it is created with the Resurfacer (Filling Layer) and top coat paint application.

Cushion System

Cushion floor covering is a combination of Cushion water-based acrylic binder and two forms of rubber, each with 0.5 mm – 1.0 mm fine granules or 1.0 mm – 2.0 mm thick granules, to provide flexibility to the flooring. It helps the floor give flexibility. The Cushion System is made up of resurfacer (Filling Layer), fine granular cushion, and top coat paint application. It has a more flexible design than the traditional method. As a result, it provides an improved environment for both the user and others around them. This is a place to start. The facility will be in an area that may accommodate these features: tennis clubs, hotels, universities, public housing sports areas, and so on.

Professional System

It’s a competition-grade acrylic flooring that’s used in professional events and competitions. Following the resurfacer layer, two thick granular cushion, two fine granular cushion, and a top coat paint are applied. Game lines are drawn on the system to finish it off.

SBR Roller System

Acrylic panels with a thickness of 4-10mm and a SBR rubber roller bonded to the floor with polyurethane glue are used to create this eco-friendly bathroom. It features an acrylic system that is chosen by the homeowner.
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