Football Goals and Football Equipment

Football Goals and Football Equipment

Goals, one of the most basic parts of football, are called the part where the players pass the ball in order to score. The goal, which is defined using a line and resembles a rectangle, comprises two upright poles placed equidistant from the corner kick points and the upper pole that supports them. Goal nets are used from the junction points of the goal posts in different colors and sizes. Goal nets are produced from high-quality and durable hand-knitted ropes in all sizes and features.

Goals for football are created according to the requirements of various standards. Goals must be restricted to specific procedures, whether the games are played in a professional or amateur league, according to FIFA regulations. The distance between the two poles of 7.32 meters and the height of 2.44 meters is the standard dimensions determined for football goals. Although goal posts are usually made of metal, wood or similar materials can also be used in their production. The height of the posts must be equal regardless of the width and size of the football goals, and the thickness of the posts must be over 12 cm. All over the world, these standard dimensions are taken as a basis.

It is extremely important that football goals comply with standard sizes and are produced from quality materials for a pleasant and trouble-free football match. The regular football goal, which comes with characteristics that may be utilized in a professional game, may also be used on astroturf pitches and sports fields. In addition, professionally produced varieties that can vary according to the materials of the poles and nets, the area of use, and different training programs are listed below.

  • Professional Football Goals,
  • Metal Astroturf Field Goals,
  • Aluminum Mobile Training Model Football Goals
  • Miniature Aluminum Football Goals,
  • Professional Metal Football Goals,
  • Portable Aluminum Football Goals,
  • Metal Miniature Castles

In addition, football goals used in training generally have portable features.

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