Handball Goals

A handball goal is a territory where players on the opposing team attempt to score by throwing the ball. Goals in handball, which come in three different varieties: mobile, portable, and non-fixed, are made up of side poles, upper poles, and nets connected to the poles. The handball goal net ensures that the handball ball that enters it stays in the goal by preventing it from coming out. The usage areas of the handball goal nets, which have two types as nylon and flush rope, can vary. Nets made of nylon rope are resistant to the abrasive effects of weather conditions such as rain, snow, and sun in outdoor environments. Nets made of flush rope are mostly used in handball goals in indoor sports halls for professional purposes.

How Are Handball Goals Produced?

The handball goal dimensions determined by the International Handball Federation are taken as a basis for handball goal production all over the world. It is 2 meters high and 3 meters wide. The production material of the handball goal to be produced is determined according to the league and match in which the handball match will be played. Handball goals can be made of metal, aluminum, or wood.

Metal handball goals made of iron profile offer more economic advantages than others. However, it is not preferred because it is heavy due to its iron structure. Aluminum handball goals are lightweight and easy to transport as their profiles are made of aluminum. Wooden handball goals are used in professional handball matches.

How Is the Assembly Process of The Handball Goals?

Since the handball goal is transportable, it isn’t assembled on a handball court. The handball goal poles’ side poles and upper poles, which are built with suitable materials, are connected. After the handball goal poles are erected, the handball net is stretched across them. According to the state of the field, the handball goal, which is completed after all of the tasks have been completed, is fastened to the field floor or a wall.

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