Modular Rubber Flooring

Modular Rubber Flooring Systems

After combining SBR rubber granules, PU binder, and special powder paint in the appropriate proportions in a mixer, this shoe is formed by molding it in various thicknesses and forms. It has shock-reducing flexible construction that gives walking comfort and lowers the risk of injury if you fall.
Tile Rubber Flooring
Block Rubber Flooring
Keystone Rubber Flooring
Hexagonal Rubber Flooring
Stair Rubber Flooring
Usage areas:
  • Children’s playgrounds, water parks, theme parks and amusement parks
  • In primary schools, kindergartens, high schools and universities
  • Walking paths and resting areas offered to the community
  • In ski resorts and resorts, which have an important place in winter tourism,
  • Golf clubs that can be used in all seasons
  • In hospitals for physical rehabilitation areas
  • For animal health in their shelters, barns, livestock farms
  • In horse paddocks for horse joint relief
  • For rear walls, floors, side walls and ceilings of shooting ranges,
  • Against falling injuries of our elderly in nursing homes,
  • To assist the recovery process in physical rehabilitation centers
  • In order to protect the floor in case of falling weights in fitness gyms
  • Running areas, walking paths and safe bicycle paths,
  • Open to individual and social use in car garages,
  • In holiday tourism, in water playgrounds, especially around pools,
  • Bridge sections and stairs of overpasses

How to Obtain Robust and Durable Floor Covering?

The climate and the rain are critical to a rubber floor’s success. The air temperature should be kept below 16 degrees Celsius, there should be no precipitation in the air, and the relative humidity level should be maintained at 65 percent. Before the application begins, the rubber floor coverings should be moved to the designated area, piled on top of each other, and kept for a specific length of time to ensure their adaptation to the surrounding conditions. With a wire brush or broom, the surface is thoroughly cleaned. The double-competent glue, which contains 24kg A and B components and must be mixed thoroughly until it is uniform, is next prepared. Rubber floor covering materials are attached to the required region at an appropriate speed and a compact and attractive look is created by trimming the excess after pouring glue on the concrete with suitable conditions.


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