Handball Field Construction

What is Handball Field Construction?

The international field dimensions must be followed in order for the handball competitions to take place in those locations. The long side length of the handball field is 40 meters, while the short side length is 20 meters, according to these measurements. The goal lines, as well as the long sides of the field, are formed by the short side. Aside from this, a field must have safety lines. In addition, in order for the free throws to be taken, there must be lines that are set up in accordance with international regulations and run across the court. The construction of a handball court is the process of making it suitable for these measurements.

The handball court is rectangular in shape. Handball courts may be found both indoors and outside. The handball fields’ floors are usually constructed of parquet. This enhances the longevity of the fields and allows for a lot of matches to be held on them.

How is the Handball Field Construction?

Four types of ground are used for the construction of the Handball Field.

An acrylic floor handball court is the most popular type of flooring because it is simple to install and inexpensive. The coating, which has an elastic and non-slip characteristic, may be applied easily in open fields, particularly if it is resistant to various climatic conditions and densities. Acrylic is a type of finish that may be applied in three ways, depending on the layers present.

The tartan floor is a two-layer floor that has an EPDM backing and an SBR granule top layer. UV rays are highly resistant to the coating, which is EPDM on the bottom and SBR granule on the top. The waterproof finish, which does not break easily, is quite pleasant to apply.

The parquet floor is most often utilized by professional handball players. Parquet flooring has a unique design and non-slip feature, making it perfect for handball field building.

Polyurethane flooring is a concrete surface protector that is applied to the surface. It may be installed both indoors and outside, and it is quite simple to use.

What are the General Features of Handball Field Construction?

It is critical to hire expert firms that are experts in the field of handball construction. Handball fields should be elastic, non-slip, fit for a variety of weather conditions, durable under heavy use, creative in design, sturdy structure that improves ball bounce performance, non-abrasive, and most importantly inexpensive. In addition, the fields should be of standard dimensions.

What are the Uses of Handball Field Construction?

Handball is a sport that is loved by both professional and amateur players. As a result, it is critical to design the handball courts in such a manner that they are as safe and enjoyable as possible. Handball, as well as other sports activities, may be easily conducted on the fields with certain characteristics.

Sports competitions may be held in a far more healthful way if the construction of the handball field is carried out by specialists. With the suitable field development, different sports matches can be held, including as handball. The non-slip quality and longevity of the pitches are two aspects that influence this. In actual fact, in order to play handball to its greatest potential, the pitches must have these characteristics. It is possible to participate in the most efficient handball competitions while playing handball on a reconstructed field from experts in the industry.


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