Painted SBR Rubber Cast

It is a cast rubber floor covering system generally used in walking paths and children’s playgrounds. It is obtained by mixing SBR rubber granules, PU binder and special powder paint with a mixer and then applying it to the floor in the desired thickness.

Thanks to its shock-absorbing flexible structure, it provides walking comfort and minimizes the risk of injury in cases such as falls. It is a water permeable, practical to clean, non-slip, wear-resistant rubber floor covering system.

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Painted SBR Rubber Cast Floor Covering Types

SBR+EPDM Rubber Bulk

It is the ideal rubber flooring system used in amateur competitions and training areas. The first layer of the system consists of a mixture of SBR granules and PU binder, and the second layer consists of a mixture of EPDM and PU binder. Thanks to the wide color options, pattern work can be done. It has a flexible and shock-absorbing structure that is resistant to UV rays and abrasion. It is hygienic and practical to clean. It is non-slip, has small pores and is water permeable. It can be applied in many areas such as walking paths, indoor and outdoor sports fields (tennis, basketball, volleyball), children’s playgrounds, game pool areas, etc.

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