Boxing Ring

Boxing, which is a combat sport focused on punches, contains certain rules and standards. Rules are set to protect the physical and mental health of the athletes. Some certain standards have been developed for boxing matches to take place in a fair and safe environment. 

Boxing Ring Dimensions

The boxing ring, which is one of the most important elements of boxing matches, is very important for athletes in terms of surface, height, and dimensions. The boxing ring is surrounded by a flexible canvas made of felt or rubber and not thinner than 1.3 cm and not thicker than 1.9 cm. Boxing ring dimensions, which are between 4.10 and 6.10 meters in professional matches and between 3.66 and 4.88 meters in amateur boxing matches, are determined to form a square. The height of the boxing ring varies between 91 cm and 122 cm.

Ring Rope

Boxing matches are held on specially designed platforms called rings, where the four corners are completely covered with ropes. In a professional boxing match, there are 3 or 4 ring ropes with a thickness of 3 to 5 cm. Sometimes 2 ropes can be used in amateur boxing matches. These ropes, which are made of flexible materials, prevent the athlete from being harmed in the event that the athlete is struck by impact. There must be a distance of 46 cm between the ropes and the floor boundaries of the boxing ring. Three-ring ropes, which are covered with a soft and flat material to prevent foot sprains, are 40 cm, 80 cm, and 130 cm above the ground. If four ropes are used, the ropes are 40.6 cm, 71.1 cm, 101.6 cm, and 132.1 cm high from the ground.

Boxing Ring Cushion

In the four corners of the boxing ring, there are professionally made rest mats. The cushions known as the red and blue corners belong to the boxers. The two corners, called the white corners, are the corners where boxers are sent to wait in case of an injury.

Boxing Ring Floor

Boxing rings, whose surfaces should not be slippery, are produced from durable materials based on the weight of the athletes.

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