Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Flooring

It is resistant to chemicals and acids, has excellent adhesion to the ground or iron, and is used as a floor covering in industrial settings where ground dust inhibits production, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical and food industries, laboratories, textiles, and automobiles. It is simple to maintain, antibacterial, dust-free, and non-toxic to your health.
portakal zemin kaplama multilayer
This device’s name comes from the resemblance of its surface appearance and structure to that of an orange peel. It has a non-slip feature due to this construction. Floors that receive a lot of foot traffic, such as warehouses, maintenance-repair workshops, food manufacturing businesses, food production facilities, ports and shipyards, textile industries, automobile industries, and wastewater treatment systems may benefit from flooring constructed with orange peel epoxy.
epoksi self leveling zemin kaplama sistemi
Self-leveling is a type of product that does not need to be spread manually. Self-Leveling epoxy coatings have a smooth surface. On request, it may be applied glossy or matte. Self-Leveling Epoxy makes concrete surfaces long-lasting, heavy, and smooth. It is continuous and the color of your choice may be selected from the wide RAL color range. It’s used in places such as showrooms, offices, homes, meeting places, textiles, food, pharmaceuticals, factories, hospitals, schools, and production facilities. It’s simple to maintain, has a high mechanical strength, and is resistant to chemical substances.
epoksi self leveling zemin kaplama sistemi


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