Epoxy Floor Coating

It is a resin that is resistant to chemicals and acids and has high adhesion to the ground or iron. It is used as a floor covering suitable for light/medium human and vehicle traffic in industrial facilities where floor dust affects production, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical and food industries, laboratories, textile and automotive industries. It is easy to clean, does not contain bacteria, does not cause dust and is not harmful to health.

Our Epoxy Floor Coating Systems

This system takes its name from its surface appearance and structure resembling an orange peel. Thanks to this structure, it has a non-slip feature. Orange Peel Epoxy is preferred on floors exposed to heavy traffic such as warehouses, maintenance and repair workshops, food manufacturing industry, food production factories, ports and shipyards, textile industry, automotive industry, treatment and waste water facilities, hangars and parking lots.

Self Leveling is the term used for self-leveling products. The surface of Self Leveling epoxy coatings is smooth. It can be applied glossy or matte as desired. Self Leveling Epoxy makes concrete surfaces durable, dense and smooth. It is seamless and the desired color can be selected from the wide color range of the International RAL catalogue. It is used as indoor floor covering in places such as showrooms, offices, residences, meeting places, textile, food, pharmaceutical, factories, hospitals, schools and production facilities. It is easy to clean, has high mechanical strength, and is resistant to the effects of chemicals.

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