Indoor Astroturf Field Construction

Materials Used in Indoor Turf Field Construction

Constructing an indoor turf field involves many factors to ensure that sports facilities are both safe and comfortable. In this process, selecting the right materials and implementing construction stages meticulously is of great importance. The materials used in indoor turf field construction determine the durability and longevity of the fields.

  • Synthetic Turf: This is the most preferred material for indoor turf field construction. It remains durable and resilient even under heavy usage, maintaining its form over time.
  • Steel Construction: Forms the roof and side walls of the indoor area. Its strong and resilient structure provides protection against adverse weather conditions.
  • Lighting Systems: Ideal for night matches. LED lights are used, providing energy efficiency.
  • Tartan Flooring: Used in the goalkeeper area and along the edges. It has non-slip and shock-absorbing properties.
  • Covering Materials: PVC tarps are predominantly used. With their durable and waterproof properties, they make the field suitable for all weather conditions.

Indoor turf fields constructed using these materials are durable and practical, requiring less maintenance.

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Indoor Turf Field Construction Stages

Constructing an indoor turf field involves meticulous planning and attention to detail. Here are the basic steps:

Planning and Design:

  • First, the dimensions of the field are determined.
  • The materials to be used and the field infrastructure are designed.

Ground Preparation:

  • The ground in the designated area is leveled.
  • Installing a drainage system is crucial.

Framework and Roof Installation:

  • A durable steel framework is constructed.
  • A weather-resistant roof covering is added on top.

Indoor Turf Installation:

  • Synthetic turf is laid over the field.
  • The laid turf should be smooth and even.

Lighting and Security Systems:

  • Adequate lighting systems are installed around the field.
  • Security cameras and emergency exits are established.

Indoor turf field construction can be completed in a short period, but each stage should be carried out with care as they directly affect the success of the field’s use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Steel construction, PVC or membrane coating, artificial grass, lighting systems and insulation materials are generally used in the construction of indoor astroturf pitches. Steel construction is important for the strength and longevity of the structure, while PVC or membrane coating protects the field from external factors. Artificial grass allows users to have a better experience by ensuring the comfort and safety of the game.

Indoor football field construction time may vary depending on the size and details of the project. In general, with proper planning and coordination, site construction can be completed in an average of 3 to 6 months. However, factors such as weather conditions, local permitting processes and the experience of the construction team may affect this time. The process can be managed more efficiently with a detailed project plan.

Indoor football field construction cost varies depending on the materials selected, field dimensions, technologies used and additional services. In general, the cost of a small-scale indoor astroturf pitch starts from approximately 500,000 TL, and in larger and more complex projects, this figure can increase to millions of TL. In cost calculation, it is important to accurately detail the site floor, steel construction, lighting, insulation and other equipment. Therefore, you can contact us immediately for an exact cost.

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