PVC Flooring

PVC flooring systems are decorative, long-lasting, maintenance-free, easy-to-clean products. PVC floor coverings are divided into 3 groups. Homogeneous, Heterogeneous and Sports PVC coating.
It is an antistatic, antibacterial product consisting of a single layer of pure PVC with a thickness of 2.00 mm. Usage areas: Hospitals, schools, shopping malls. Homogeneous Condensed PVC: Like other homogeneous PVC products, single layer pure PVC is antistatic, antibacterial and also has electrostatic properties. Usage areas: Operating room, data processing rooms, x-ray rooms.
They are antibacterial products consisting of two layers with a thickness of 2.00 mm. Usage areas: School and dormitory buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, office and staff rooms. Heterogeneous Acoustic PVC: It is a product with high antibacterial sound and impact absorption, consisting of two layers of 3-3,50 mm thickness. Usage areas: Nursery and kindergarten, conference hall, fitness rooms.
They are coatings that allow all sports branches to be played with heterogeneous antibacterial properties with thicknesses between 4.00mm -10.00mm.

Raised Floor

On the existing floor, feet are placed at a height of 10-100 cm, and the tiles are constructed in the shape of tiles. The panels are 60x60cm in size and come with PVC, ceramic, granite, carpeting, linoleum, natural stone or laminate (HPL) coatings. The panels can be lifted independently if need be, and whatever installation and other services may be found thereon may easily be accessed.


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