Rubber Flooring

Painted SBR Rubber

This is a low-cost, cast rubber flooring system that’s commonly utilized in playgrounds and walkways. A mixer is used to create an SBR rubber granule, PU binder, and special powder paint solution with the required thickness applied to the floor. It is a shock-absorbent, flexible construction that gives walking comfort while limiting the chance of injury in the event of a fall. It’s a waterproof, practical, non-slip wear-resistant rubber flooring system that’s also water permeable.
It’s the ideal rubber flooring system for amateur events and practice areas. The system is made up of a combination of SBR granules and PU binders for the first layer, followed by a combination of EPDM granules and PU binders for the second layer. Because of the many color options, pattern work is simple. It has a flexible and shock-absorbing design that is resistant to UV rays and wear and tear. Cleaning it is both hygienic and useful.
This is a water-resistant, breathable, non-slip material that may be used on a variety of surfaces such as walking paths, indoor and outdoor sports fields (tennis, basketball, volleyball), children’s playgrounds, playgrounds, etc.

Spray System

It’s a rubber flooring system composed of EPDM that may be used in areas such as amateur sports competitions, training centers, walking paths, and other similar places. First, a combination of SBR granules and PU binders is used to build the system’s first layer; second, a combination of EPDM granules and PU self-leveling substance is sprayed using a special machine to create the second layer. The surface of the system is rough and water-resistant. It can be certified by IAAF.

Sandwich System

It is a professional sports league’s best choice for an athletic track coating. The primary component of the system is a blend of SBR granules and PU binders. Elastomeric PU sealant seals the pores produced on this layer. The flat surface is coated with self-leveling, UV-resistant PU material in the desired color. EPDM granules are sprinkled on the surface before this material cures. It’s more resistant to friction than other EPDM systems. IAAF has approved it as a system.

Full Polyurethane System

It is a popular track covering in international competitions. The sprinkling technique is used to apply this EPDM flooring system throughout all levels. The PU self-leveling material in the first two layers of the system is coated with SBR granules, and the last layer, on top of the PU self-leveling material as in the sandwich system, is sprinkled with EPDM granule sprinkling. It is the most durable and elastic of all EPDM flooring systems. It’s the highest-quality flooring system that can be certified by IAAF.


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