Rubber Flooring

Bilgili İnşaat takes pride in offering expert services in rubber flooring. Rubber flooring is a general flooring system that is preferred for its many benefits. Among the most preferred types offered by our company are EPDM Rubber Flooring, Tartan Rubber Flooring, Painted SBR Rubber Pour, and SBR + EPDM Rubber Pour.

Rubber flooring is a durable and long-lasting solution, commonly chosen for areas such as sports facilities, playgrounds, fitness centers, schoolyards, and more. It provides a non-slip surface, ensuring a safe environment where applied. Additionally, its resistance to impacts offers prolonged usability.

Our rubber flooring service is meticulously carried out by expert teams in the field. We ensure that our customers receive tailored solutions to meet their needs and preferences, resulting in high-quality and aesthetically pleasing outcomes.

If you are seeking a long-lasting, durable, and safe flooring solution, Bilgili İnşaat is ready to provide professional support in rubber flooring. Feel free to contact us to receive detailed information from our expert team and benefit from our tailored solutions.

Our Main Rubber Floor Covering Systems

As Bilgili İnşaat, our EPDM Cast Rubber Floor Covering service is offered with a creative and modern approach as a reflection of the developments in the construction industry. EPDM floor covering, known as Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, is an advantageous choice thanks to its base material, rubber. This durable coating type provides superior protection against high temperatures, heat and impacts.

Tartan Floor Covering is an indispensable type of coating for sports areas. It has a wide range of usage areas, from football fields to basketball courts, from volleyball courts to many other areas. This type of surface coating attracts attention with its durability and long life. You can contact us for your Rubber Floor Covering needs.

As Bilgili İnşaat, a prominent option among the services we offer is “Painted SBR Rubber Casting” applications. This flooring system, which is generally preferred in areas such as walkways and children’s playgrounds, is created by mixing SBR rubber granules, PU binder and special powder paint mixer.

As Bilgili İnşaat, we cover your areas safely with our modular rubber floor covering service. These floor coverings, produced by carefully mixing and pressing SBR rubber granules, PU binder and special powder paint, are baked to the desired thickness and shape. The shock absorbing feature of our rubber floor coverings provides superior walking comfort to its users and minimizes the risk of injury in case of possible falls.

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