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Basketball hoops, which are called hoops in basketball, are one of the elements that determine the shape and rules of the game of basketball, where physical and mental endurance is at the forefront. Basketball hoops are produced according to international standards. Basketball hoops are professionally produced, and their dimensions and length have been determined according to game rules for basketball hoops. In this respect, the basketball hoop circle is produced as 45 cm and the inner recess of the court is 1.2 meters. However, the dimensions of the basketball hoop vary according to the types of basketball hoops. There are 8 different types of basketball hoops according to the basketball hoop and its length and the depth of the area where the hoop is fixed to the ground. 

Single Post Basketball Hoop: It is a fixed basketball hoop and has a 114 mm diameter pipe.

Single Pole Training Basketball Hoop: This hoop, with a diameter of 45 cm and overall dimensions of 12.5 x 11 cm, has a 102 mm diameter pipe.

Villa Basketball Hoop: This hoop, produced with acrylic glass with a size of 105 x 180 cm, has a height adjustment.

High Adjustable Basketball Hoop: The overall dimensions of this hoop, whose height can be adjusted with mechanical gears, are 12.5 x 11 cm. It offers a practical use.

Four-Pole Portable and Fixed Basketball Hoop: The portable basketball hoop, which is easy to use and install, consists of four wheels that can carry a weight of up to 300 kg.

Professional Hydraulic Basketball Hoop: This hoop, whose overall dimensions are 105 x 180, is generally used indoors.

Electric Motor and Remote-Controlled Basketball Hoop: This hoop, which is the simplest to use among the hoops, and can be adjusted to the height and usage desired by the users, works with a remote control.

Wall-Fixed Basketball Hoop: This hoop, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and has the feature of being portable, has the general dimensions of 105 x 180 cm.

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