Basketball Hoops

As Bilgili İnşaat, we are experts in basketball hoops. We offer a wide range of services, from basketball hoop production to manufacturing, assembly and use.

Our services include:

Production and Manufacturing: We produce and manufacture high quality basketball hoops with our state-of-the-art equipment. We can also produce special designs according to the needs of our customers.

Assembly Service: Thanks to our experienced teams, we assemble basketball hoops quickly and reliably. With professional installation, we ensure that your pot is long-lasting and safe.

Sports Projects: We are at your service when the need for basketball hoops arises in sports projects. We complete your sports fields by offering hoop solutions that meet the needs of your projects.

If you need a basketball hoop, we are always happy to support you with our expert team and quality services. As Bilgili İnşaat, we are here to help you equip your sports fields in the best possible way.

Basketball Hoops Photos:

Basketball Hoops Types

Single Post Basketball Hoop

It is a fixed basketball hoop and has a 114 mm diameter pipe.

Single Post Training Basketball Hoop

It is one of the ideal athletics track coatings used in professional sports competitions. The first layer of the system consists of a mixture of SBR granules and PU binder. The pores formed on this layer are closed with elastic PU sealant. Elastic, UV-resistant PU self-leveling material in the desired color is applied to the resulting flat surface. EPDM granules are sprinkled on this material before it cures. It is more durable than other EPDM systems. It is a system that can be approved by IAAF.

Villa Basketball Hoop

This pot, made of acrylic glass with a size of 105 x 180 cm, has height adjustment.

High Adjustment Basketball Hoop

The general dimensions of this crucible, whose height can be adjusted with mechanical gears, are 12.5 x 11 cm. It offers a practical use.

Four-Post Mobile and Fixed Basketball Hoop

The portable basketball hoop, which is easy to use and install, consists of four wheels that can support a weight of up to 300 kg.

Professional Hydraulic Basketball Hoop

This crucible, whose general dimensions are 105 x 180, is generally used in closed areas.

Basketball Hoop with Electric Motor and Remote Control

This crucible, which is the simplest to use among crucibles and which users can adjust to the desired height and use, operates with a remote control.

Basketball Hoop Fixed to the Wall

The general dimensions of this crucible, which is suitable for use in indoor and outdoor areas and is portable, are 105 x 180 cm.

Basketball Hoops Videos:

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