Flooring Systems

Floor Covering Systems

Rubber flooring is a form of floor covering made from flexible materials containing chemicals, water, and dampness resistance. PVC flooring is simple to clean and maintain, absorbs noise, and is resistant to rust. Epoxy floor coating, which has a strong link with the flooring and provides an attractive look to the space where it is used, is very resistant to chemical agents. Polyurethane flooring, which is often utilized in sports halls, is an effective and protective covering that may be put on both concrete and steel surfaces. Acrylic flooring, which comes in a variety of resins and synthetic fillings for both indoor and outdoor use, is long-lasting, hygienic, and durable. If properly maintained and cleaned, hardwood flooring may last a lifetime. Synthetic flooring is an attractive, sanitary, dust-proof, non-slip, and easy-to-clean type of coating that is used in sports halls and factory floors. Granite, glass, marble, quartz, and concrete residues may be combined with epoxy resins to create terrazzo flooring, which is commonly used in sports halls, pleasure parks, and homes. Asphalt flooring has several advantages over other types of flooring. With its low cost, long-lasting, dust-proof characteristics, and versatility, asphalt flooring is a popular choice. Polyurea is the most durable coating available.


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