Grandstand Seats

Grandstand Seats

The spectators, who make up the majority of the sports matches, follow the matches from the sitting areas. In order for the spectators to watch the game comfortably in the stands, it is extremely important that their seats are comfortable, especially in professional competitions. The seats are divided into some categories, depending on the requested area and the number of seats.

  • 2-hole – 4-hole
  • With Back – Without Back
  • Fixed – Folding
  • VIP

These models are used in standard stands or VIP stands. Various materials such as Polypropylene, PVC, and plastic are used in the production of the seats. The seats, which can be preferred in places such as show halls, indoor sports halls, and school lecture halls, also have artificial leather covering models. Seats with high UV resistance and colorfastness that will not be affected by external factors such as sunlight are produced for open areas.

Plastic grandstand seats are extremely resilient to harsh weather conditions, owing to the method by which they’re produced. Coloring processes are done in high-quality paints, and they have the feature of being anti-static. These seats, which can optionally participate in flame retardant agents, are generally used in indoor halls.

Vip seats can be made from fabric, leather, or vinyl materials depending on personal taste. Corrosion treatment procedures are used during the manufacture of metal folding and “VIP” tribune seats without the need for painting. The metal parts are sandblasted, the primer paint is applied, and cataphoresis or galvanization processes are carried out. The corrosion resistance of the metal parts after these processes is at least 10 years.

Tribune Seats Installation

Seats are available that can be mounted on concrete floors or metal floors. The seats can generally be mounted vertically on the concrete steps in the stands, or they can be mounted on the wall. The seats, which are portable and made of steel construction, can also be mounted comfortably as requested.

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