EPDM Cast Rubber Flooring/Mulch

EPDM Cast Rubber Flooring

One of the cutting-edge and modern technologies used in construction is PMDDPM Cast Rubber flooring, which is made of rubber. The primary material of this coating type, whose formal name is Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, is rubber. This is what distinguishes EPDM flooring from other types of vinyl flooring. It’s a type of coating that protects against high heat and heat exposure, as well as impact. As a result, it’s a popular sort of covering for sports fields, basketball courts and volleyball courts, and playgrounds. It’s also a form of paint that comes in a variety of colors. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for making the space more lively and engaging.

Spray System

areas, and even on sidewalks. The first layer of the system is composed of SBR granules and PU binders. The top layer is composed of a mix of EPDM granules and PU self-leveling substance, while the second layer is sprayed with a machine. The system’s surface is rough and waterproof. It’s a system that meets IAAF standards.

Sandwich System

It is one of the most popular track coatings in professional sports events. The system’s first layer is made up of a blend of SBR granules and PU binders. Elastic PU sealant is used to cover the pores produced on this layer. The desired color of elastic, UV-resistant PU self-leveling coating is applied to the flat surface. EPDM grains are sprinkled on it before this material cures. It’s more durable than other EPDM formulations. It is a method that may be used by the IAAF.

Full Polyurethane System

It’s one of the best track coatings for professional sports events. The first stage of the system is made up of a mix of SBR granules and PU binders. The pockmarks on this layer are covered with elastic PU sealant. The flat surface is covered with a self-leveling, UV-resistant PU material in the desired color. EPDM grains are sprinkled on it before this material cures. It’s more robust than other EPDM processes because to its use of EPDM granules. It’s a system that IAAF has approved.

EPDM Mulch Flooring

It’s commonly used as a mulch in playgrounds, walkways, and landscaping projects. The technique gets its name from the resemblance of its appearance to that of a mulch made with bark, chips, wood chips, leaves, stems, straw, and so on. The way it works is as follows: It can be used on a concrete floor with a thickness of 2 cm or more. It can also be combined with compacted fine gravel and asphalt ground for added strength.22% PU binder should be used in the application of the system. It has a porous and fibrous structure, which gives it much greater elasticity and water permeability than other systems. It is resistant to UV radiation and abrasion.

SBR + EPDM / Rubber Bulk Floor Covering

It’s a great rubber flooring system for amateurs competing and training areas. A combination of SBR granules and PU binders forms the first layer, while a combination of EPDM and PU binders comprises the second. Thanks to the wide color choice, patterning may be obtained. It features a collapsible and shock-absorbing design that is UV resistant and scratch-resistant. It’s hygienic, easy to maintain, and sanitary. It’s made of non-slip, microscopic porous, and water permeable material. It may be used in a variety of settings, including walking paths, indoor and outdoor sports fields (tennis, basketball, volleyball), as well as children’s playgrounds.
EPDM Flooring Prices

The cost of EPDM cast rubber flooring varies with the exchange rate. You may contact us by clicking the WhatsApp symbol or visiting our contact page. We will provide you with the most up-to-date pricing as quickly as possible.

How and Where Is EPDM Flooring Applied?

EPDM flooring is laid down with granular rubber, which may be colored and varied in thickness. Before the application of EPDM flooring, certain criteria must be satisfied. It is critical that the floor to be installed is covered with concrete, that it is a dry floor, and that the ambient temperature of the proposed flooring installation is crucial. If the ambient temperature does not exceed 18 degrees Celsius, the material may be harmed and the procedure might become difficult.

Before the application, one of the EPDM flooring types is chosen as appropriate for the floor, and the area in which the installation will take place is cleaned. The floor’s humidity and temperature are recorded, and the A-B two-component glue is applied to the region to keep the material attached to the floor. The material is then placed on the floor after the glue has dried. EPDM flooring maintains its color, vitality, and durability for many years.

What are the General Features of EPDM Flooring?

In terms of its basic properties, EPDPM Flooring is an ecologically beneficial coating. The coating can be recycled after it has outlived its usefulness. EPDM floor covering is a type of rubber flooring that may be easily molded and customized to any color. It has a wide variety of rubber materials available depending on the location where it will be used in this floor covering. Tile, brick, and hexagonal rubber are among the most common types of rubber.

What are the Usage Areas of EPDM Flooring?

EPDM flooring is a flexible substance that may be molded into any form. As a result, its application areas are enormous. It’s suitable for almost every sort of sports facility. Golf clubs, fitness centers, and tennis courts are just a few examples of places where EPDM flooring may be used. It’s also one of the most popular playground deck coatings, as well as kindergartens and playhouses for children. The coating is soft enough to be painted in bright hues that will catch a child’s attention.

This is a beautiful option for your kitchen floor when paired with another neutral or grey-colored wall. Stair treads in particular show the craftsmanship and beauty of concrete floors well. It’s also an easy choice because its look is so unique and classic at once! Asphalt pavers are a form of paved driveway that can be used anywhere.


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