Nursery/Kindergarten Shock Absorbing Flooring

Nursery/Kindergarten Shock Absorbing Flooring

It’s essential for both child health and sound insulation. Impact sound reduction is linked to sound transmission throughout the building via the flooring of one room to other rooms. This is the most basic noise reduction approach. The impact sound made in a single room is carried down through the floors to those below it. The impact sound is delivered directly to the concrete floor plate with a hammer machine in a sound-absorbing room, and the sound level is recorded in the reception rooms, which we will discuss.

Nursery/Kindergarten Shock Absorbing Flooring Types

The most basic component for sound reduction in buildings is acoustic linoleum. With our experienced staff with extensive industrial expertise, we provide outstanding services in this area. Acoustic linoleum reduces the dispersion of impact noise between floors by reducing the transmission of sound through it. Sarlon Sparkling Acoustic Vinyl has a variety of softer and brighter colors that provide a lot of design options. This vinyl has antibacterial and sturdy anti-slip properties. You may combine excellent sound reduction features with the Allura Flex Decibel. It reduces the impact of sound by up to 19 decibels and has an attractive appearance with 18 distinct color choices. You can find out more about our nursery/kindergarten shock-absorbing floor covering and other services by contacting us, and you can learn all of the specifics from our teammates who refresh their skills in growing technologies. You may contact us at +90 216 650 83 34 contact number.


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