X-Ray Hygienic PVC Flooring

X-Ray Hygienic PVC Flooring

Hygienic PVC flooring, due to its antibacterial and antistatic qualities, is mostly used in hospitals’ X-Ray departments. Because of its antistatic feature, X-Ray hygienic PVC flooring can convey electric currents to the ground, which helps to minimize the effects of X-Rays. The conductive floor covering is also resilient to collisions and has a longer lifetime than other floor coverings in terms of usage time. X-Ray hygienic PVC floor coverings have antistatic properties, so they are laid in a different manner than other floor coverings during the laying phase. It is not advisable to utilize normal adhesives while laying X-Ray hygienic PVC floor coverings because they have conductive properties and should be used instead. The installation of copper strips before laying the floor is one more distinction from other floor coverings.

X-Ray Hygienic PVC Floor Coverings

The main goal of utilizing copper is to transmit the electricity from the floor covering material and adhesive to the earth. To get good results from X-Ray hygienic PVC floor coverings with conductive properties, these copper strips must be properly attached to the grounding line. X-ray hygienic PVC floor coverings are slip-resistant since to their structure. It maintains its colors and texture for several years. More information on antistatic X-Ray hygienic PVC floor coverings, which ensure the greatest degree of health and hygiene, may be found at +90 216 650 83 34.


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